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# 13/08/2012 à 20:29 Maxes Loon
Do you want to be a blog star?

We all know that sending your thoughts into the blogosphere can be a rush, but making a name for yourself means committing time and effort, making frequent updates and marketing
 yourself through social media. now offers you the platform to boost your SEO, share your stories and grow your online following…
Moolto has the audience ready and waiting, all we need is to hear what you have to say.

Be part of our exciting blogging group within our vibrant Community.

To be part of the blogging group is really simple, here’s how:
If you already have your own blog then you will be happy to know that is fully html code compatible... therefore you can copy and paste your code directly in the moolto blogging section
or you can even 
simply copy and paste your pics and text.

Try it now, here:

We do not expect exclusivity; if you already have a regular blog you can post it on moolto too or you can even edit previous blogs you made and offer them to moolto community.

No extra work required. Copy and Paste... it's all you have to do!

Once a month moolto staff will decide who the 
Best Blogger of the Month is based on the following criteria:

· Originality
· Theme Posted
· Number of views and likes

There are no specifications in terms of content, if you prefer to mainly use pictures or all text that is entirely up to you.

You will need to have submitted a minimum of 5 blogs in a month to qualify for a prize.

The Prize consists of:
1 Month Banner on the Moolto Home Page linked directly to your blog.
1 Feature as 'Blogger of the Month' (article with picture and links to your blog)
1 Month Advert on MORE Magazine (whatever you want to have advertised is up to you).
Permission to post your blogs in our groups inworld with more than 10,000 followers.

This is how we propose to boost your SEO mentioned earlier!!

So if you want to be a blog star, here is your opportunity.
Share your posts to a captive audience; share your knowledge, your latest news, your favourite outfits or pictures and special moments.
It is up to you; let us hear what you have to say.

 For more info contact directly 
Maxes Loon inworld (IM or Notecards both fine)

“Don’t focus on having a great blog. Focus on producing a blog that’s great for your readers.”


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(Devise : Make My Day or Run For Life.)

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