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Edition Original Text (by) Connie Wells - Sept 10, 2010.

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The subject of Fatcat's or Hacker's or Spammers, Internet terriorism whatever you choose to call them, has been prevalent in Second Life. More so now with the shutting down of Emerald.

Back in 1998, the Internet was a safer, kinder place. There were very few email viruses and most people never heard of the word "Firewall" unless they were running a sever. Most Internet users had only one email adress. And they were not afraid to share it with others.

Five years later, only. The Internet is a completely different environment. Not a day goes by that I don't receive 4 or more email viruses, 10-20 email spams, and hacker attacks on my DSL firewall. The definition of illegal email is attempts to deceive by falsification of seller identity or email adress, and use of other trickery (defrauding) from the email recipient and other parties.

I live in America where the regulation and laws differ from other countries. The Federal Trade Commission's definition of spam. "Not all are fraudulent, but fraud operators often among the first to exploit any technological innovation have seized on the Internet's capacity to reach literally millions of consumers quickly and at a low cost." In fact it has become a fraudulant artist's calling card on the Internet. Much of the spam in the Commission's database contains false information about the sender, misleading subject lines, and extravagant earnings or performance claims about goods and services. The spammer has many ways of obtaining your email adress. You can disclose it yourself by posting your email on auctions, bulletin boards, advertising, or email locator's. Businesses might sell your email adress or other personal information to a spammer. Spammers can use software programs to collect email adresses from web sites or they can use random number generators... to send spam out randomly. Hackers is an individual that attempts to take control over someone else's computer by using viruses, worms, and other types of Internet attacks. One of their favorite "tricks", is to use hacked (safe) computers to bring down a large web by overloading the (real) targeted site. With millions of transmissions -per second- in a "denial of Service" (DOS) attack.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the nation's consumer protection agency, is authorized to enforce the CAN-SPAM Act. CAN-SPAM Act also gives the Department of Justice (DOJ) the authority to enforce its criminal sanctions. Other federal and state agencies can enforce the law against organizations under their jurisdiction, and companies that provide Internet access may sue violators, as well.

I've been the recipient of attempts to send me viruses and spam in my emails. Also in game I have had malicious attacks against me when attempts of controlling my computer which was unsuccessful due to my windows defender and anti-spy ware protecting me. It's clear when the screen turns blue and the computer goes wild with a sound indescribable... and shuts down. Yeah, these FATCATS or FATHEADS think they are above the law will someday be brought down and dealt with. If I have any control of doing that I WILL !

Players, be careful who you become friends with !

Spamming And Hacking : Defined.



"Oh what a tangled web we weave,
When first we practice to deceive !"

- Sir Walter Scott


Article (by) Connie Wells - Corazon Seda in Second Life. 


FATCAT'S OR FATHEADS ? You Decide ! (Part 2.)
Edition Original Text (by) Connie Wells - Sept 11, 2010.

@ll Rights Reserved

(About : Internet's Hackers & Other Web Thieves.)

You open your email account and usually the 1st thing you notice is the large amount of garbage, spam, and other unwanted email.

Some of the email is offensive, abusive, or is even an attempt to scam you into buying an unwanted service or product. Some of the email will contain viruses, trojans, worms, or other malicious programs that can wreak havoc on you and others. Do you just mark all the malicious email for deletion ? Buy an anti-spam email program ? Buy a new virus checker ? Complain to AOL, Hotmail, Gmail, or other Internet Service Provider (ISP) ? Or are you hoping that someday there will be a law that stops it ?

Maybe we all have taken several of these approaches, however you still wish you could do something more to stern the tide of all that garbage flowing into your inbox. I've been guilty of doing all of the above and now I'm fed up with harrassment and malious emails. First we need to do is fight back against spam, hackers, is to secure our computers from malious Internet attacks of all types. To do this one requires "a full-time antivirus" program and Internet Firewall running on your computer at all times. You also need to make sure that you have the latest versions of these programs wich requires that you receive updates from the software manufacturer on a regular basis. Antivirus programs is software designed to detect and delete computer viruses, worms, trojans, and other malious software from your computer's email, random access memory (RAM), and disk drives. Be sure all email has been checked for viruses before opening them. Depending on what kind of email programs you use, your virus checking software or the email provider will check unopened email for viruses. Most free Web email providers e.g Hotmail, check incoming email for viruses. However, those of you... that read their email with Outlook, Outlook Express, or other mail programs are typically responsible for providing their own resident email virus checker.

There are two types of antivirus programs : resident programs which reside on the user's computer, and free web-based programs that are online.

Most people connected to the Internet, should use a resident virus checker. Resident virus checkers provide full-time protection for your computer, however updates from the manufacturer are needed to keep abreast of new viruses. Resident virus checkers should always be on and checking your computer for viruses and other threats. Examples are free virus checkers include : Norton Antivirus, Mcafee, and PC-cilin. Web-based free virus checkers are accessed online from an antivirus manufacturer's Web site. Online virus checkers are free and always up-to-date, but will not detect viruses unless you are online and at the manufacturer's Web site.

Only people that think they have a very low virus risk should soley rely on Web-based virus checkers. Online virus checkers can also be used in conjunction with resident virus checkers when updates to resident programs have not been obtained. Examples of free online virus checkers include : HouseCall & Symantec Security Check.



"The best offense is a good defense."

- Sun Tzu (Chapter 4) : Tactical Dispositions.

Article by Connie Wells - Corazon Seda in Second Life.


FATCAT'S OR FATHEADS ? You Decide ! (Part 3.)
Edition Original Text (by) Connie Wells - Sept 11, 2010.

@ll Rights Reserved


(Finding a Hacker's ISP : Brief Technical Analysis Method.)


Chances are, you think your computer has never been hacked. However, unless you are running an Internet firewall program, in addition to using a resident virus checker, it is likely that you would never know your computer... was hacked.

Unless you see your computer acting abnormally, you would have no idea your computer was hacked until something unsavory (e.g a computer virus is found, your hard drive is formatted, your computer crashes, your computer can't boot, or crimes are committed against you) results from it.

(Note) Firewall programs have settings to turn off reporting of hack attempts. It's recommended that you leave the notifications on so you know you are being hacked, and how often you are hacked.

You can also dig this information out of your firewall's security log, but more than likely you would forget to check it. Depending on which type of firewall program you have on your computer will determine how your security log can be viewed. This alert provides the following information : the firewall program is automatically blocking the hacker from any further communication with computer for 30 minutes, the hacker attempted to use the Backdoor/SubSeven trojan to take over the computer, and hacker's IP adress (Internet Protocol adress is unique* for all computers) is Tracking down which ISP owns IP adress can be investigated to track hacker or hacker's who made attempt to make over your computer.




Illegal spam and bulk mail costs ISPs and all Internet users wasted time... and money.

ISPs hate bulk email because it uses valuable server space and they have to spend time and resources to clean it off their servers. If ISP's are not responsive in stopping illegal attempts to use their servers, other ISP's will blacklist them and block their email transmissions. Eventually they could even be forced out of business. ISPs hate hackers because a hacker can bring down or damage their network. This causes the ISPs monetary loss to repair their network and needless to say it doesn't make their customers very happy either.

To keep their users from hacking or sending illegal spam, all US ISPs have Acceptable Use Policies. These policies are usually very strict as most ISPs have a very low tolerance of hackers and spammers. As the spammers ISPs knows their real identity, they can take action against them. They can fine the wrong doers, report them to Law Enforcement Agencies, and cancel their Internet accounts and email adresses. This whole process is very encouraging, however the problem is that spammers and hacker's go to great lengths to conceal their true identities and their ISPs. So, a great deal of homework to find out which ISP is providing Internet services to the spammer. Finding a spammer's ISP is looking in their email header of the spam. The process is complicated because : spammer's almost always use a free email account as their reply adress e.g (example any name using @ While complaining to the free ISP will kill the hotmail account (a good thing), it still doesn't get the spammer off the Internet as they still have a ISP that gives them Internet access. They will try to conceal their ISP by falsifying it in the email header (example any name : actually a fictitous email adress.

They find unsuspecting servers to rely their email, which gives the appearance that the relaying servor is the originating ISP. Their ISPs are in foreign countries that may or may not take action against the spammer. The fastest way to complain to a spammer's ISP  is to use the services of a website called To use their services, you register for a free account. They send you a adress for you to forward your spam to SPAM @ UCE.GOV so the spam also gets included in the Law Enforcement Database.) Spamcop processes the spam and notifies you by email. You then click on the link in email that takes you to the web page with the processed spam. You can review the web page to see if the spam has been processed. You hit the send button to mail SpamCop's automated complaints directly to the spammer's ISP, email provider, relay server, etc.

After you set up your account the process only takes a couple of minutes per email. The only bad part about this process is that you don't receive confirmation that any action has been taken. However, rest assured that all US ISPs and many foreign ISPs do take action on these notices and will kill the spammer's account if they can identify the spammer. SpamCop is free they do request small donations. SpamCop is a good utility that does a decent job of tracking down a spammer's ISP. It's a tremondous time saver as I can take up to 30 minutes or more to manually investigate an email header. If you like to track down spammers on your own study information on decoding email headers.

To conclude my writings on spammers & hackers.

I would like to say a few words about the closing down of Emerald : in Second Life@

Second Life itself, also is no way immune from attacks from spammers, or hackers !

I recently received a email which was spam from of course from a unknown source. The text written in the header stated : " Who Do You Think You Are ?"

With the harrassment I'm receiving in the game I know for a fact that this message was to me. It was sent the same day when someone in the game no doubt a hacker ? Maybe a jealous person who knows doesn't matter. He/she or they have it out for me because I stand up for what I feel right. My message back to whomever sent me that email is this : "What I think I am is no ones business but my own. Just like it's none of my business to care about what others think of themselves. I could care less what you think of me. You are your own problem not me. I suggest you get a life because I have mine and that's all that matters."

So if we all took a little time to try to rid the Internet of thievery, it will be a safer, and more productive place.


- Corazon Seda.

End of Article (by) Connie Wells - Corazon Seda in Second Life.




CATSECRET Solo in Second Life
Edition Original Text (by) Lacy Muircastle - July 25, 2010.

@ll Rights Reserved


CATSECRET is an enigmatic creature born of Second Life and his human form is a French writer (Press, Radio, Theatre, Comics & Movies.) Official website :, CATSECRET The Original@ne (registered trademark.) CAT has also written, short-novels, poetry & songs, in other websites :, Plus Press Articles for / article-62-cinema-erotique.html (statistic : 16.823 readers, on 1st October 2010.)

Not speaking French (unfortunately since it is such a beautiful language) I have been inclined to miss in translation some of the nuances in what CAT writes about, but it isn't all completely lost on me.

CAT's writing conveys images that many people can relate to, and you can feel that writing for him is a glorious thing, where he can visit other worlds and other possibilities. I know nothing of his background or his life, so this is all purely speculation.

As far as I can ascertain, CAT is an avid advocate of erotica and his goal appears to be to "spread the word". He has choosen SL and his blog site to promote this goal. When he writes his erotica it is like he is painting a picture with words which allows you to weave together your own responses. You can see that he finds it easy to get into the zone when describing an erotic experience, and that it is fun, that it is not a turn-on as much as getting into feelings, it is as though he has a connection between his brain and his body's lived experience and potential.

It appears that CAT's intention with every story he writes is to transport the reader from their current reality into a world of erotic FANTASY... and he seems to do this by writing what arouses you... both sexually and figuratively. Arousal is by far the greatest motivator for a reader to turn the page. How exactly does he arouses his readers ? Well, I think he simply make sure that the reader FEELS everything his characters feel, especially the female characters. Female readers generally identify with the female characters and CAT manages not destroy their minds and doesn't turn his female characters into mindless sex robots.

Apart from his writing CAT has his SL adult sims : Domain of Catsecret (&) Catsecret 0h Train. Where he has provided a private place for adults to act out their fantasies whether they include role play or just... pure romanticism.



- Lacy M.

@ Press Pass Media Group




CATSECRET@ by Liza Veliz. Press Pass Media Group.
Edition Original Text (by) Liza Veliz - October 8th, 2010.

@ll Rights Reserved


Catsecret Domains
Eroticism and Mystery

I went to a mystique place the other day. It was a Paradise made for lovers. There were houses to rent, role plays to be involved in, lots of romantic spots, a special island for only women and one for couples, a bikers sim and the mysterious 0h Train sim for special eroticism adventures on your own or with someone. And all over the place it is offered spots for eroticism. Did I mention it is an adult sim?

CATSECRET® is a well known phenomena in RL. It is an project by an author that writes very special erotic novels and has done so for many years in so many papers all over France and the UK. Since it is online it is read all over the world. And many tries to copy and turn it into porn, but they remain blank wannabes. There is only one CATSECRET and that one is hard to reveal.

And now we can enjoy this in Second Life® since one year back.

CATSECRET Solo (him in his avatar) invited us to his Second Life domains with romanticism and “eroticism games” all over. He is very generous with pose balls in beds as well as in baths and dances and so much more.

Hookers are not welcome though. He is not interested in sex business.

“I made this domain for them romantic lovers !” he tells me with emphases. “I don't involve in escort.” He is clearly little bit "irritated" by the question if he is ever troubled by call-girls using his domain. And no, he has not spotted any so far, but they will get banned if he does.

(So it's clear. Don't even think of that... no way !)

It is not all about romance and sex pleasure though in this place, there is also for example an haunted house with rottweilers biting you if you try to enter and wild zombies inside. On the upper floor there is a bed for pleasure and romance. I guess everyone get their taste of being satisfied here. And there is a bikers area, where creators sell their bikes and Role Play. There I was bitten by zombies looking like robots. Underneath this entrance level there is a fighting arena hidden.

The CATSECRET Domain consists of visible and invisible areas. All secured by effective system that ejects you in seconds if you are not on the allowance list.

To get to the RP area and the not public areas you have to be a member.

Ophelie is one of his novel characters. She searched for sex knowledge in the bdsm art. The 0h Tram takes you around her world, and if you are lucky she appears. Yes, there is a woman that does Ophelie in this world, but she is not following any manuscript.

“She is a free woman”, CATSECRET Solo tells me.

On his website you can read all them novels. (5000 readers right now) and in his Press Articles on (about 30.000 readers and more)

It all started 2007 at where he first published his writings :

And then, also... on :

All his novels has a femme in the head character. He sees himself as a cat. He calls himself a medium that tells the story from the females point of view. Always.

And why?

“Because am a cat”, he tells me and I can almost hear him smile. Even if we are on chat and not on voice.

It is not about sex this, it is about so much more, he tells me. But when I try to compare him with Mapplethorpe, who let his photographs use sex for semantics and yet still tells so much more, he is not amused. Not at all.

I ask him if Second Life edition of CATSECRET is his way of bringing his stories to life... but no... he tells me I am wrong there too...

CATSECRET is a place where my readers can come together with me and talk and socialize, he explains.

He is French, but with a true love for America since youth, why is a secret. He loves to dance and is very romantic. All over Catsecret Domains there are dances to be used. He is not condemning anyone for what they might like and provide all you can think of, including erotic flowers that cuddles you in sensual ways ! Never saw that one before. Still he claims the bdsm is in the soft version here. So no roasted girls for dinner is to be expected then, I guess. He never answered this question.

His domain is called part 1 and part 2. Part 1 with Domain of Catsecret (&) Catsecret 0h Train he built himself, or rather decorated it with things he bought, but Part 2 is another story. That is the Catsecret Bikers Track where Amphibian Beebe & Vikiy Vella bikes is showing their creations in vendors. (On Catsecret 0h Train sim there is two other biker creators vendors to be found; Jonsky Foxtrot & Detra Devin bikes.) Catsecret Bikers Track is a Role Play area but of course you find little houses and spots for romanticism and eroticism here too.

In this place I run into robot zombies that tried to bite me. They surrounded me in the upper level of this sim but CATSECRET Solo teleported me to “safety” in the invisible area underneath this where the Role Play arena for fighting is located. Since I wear no weapons or shield we only took a quick look. Then we went to... Catsecret Romantic park with lovely caves all over.

Finally we reached the 0h Train sim.

I took a seat in the 0h Tram and was starting to think of The Story of O, the famous bdsm novel.

When I tell CATSECRET this he tells me he very much enjoy Story of O.

You get the hang of it, I think.

If you want to endure into fantasies for one afternoon or more, then better become friends with this man. He only invites people he know and like to this. Others get to keep in the public access area. Which is nice too. Still not so thrilling as the 0h Train sim. For me that is anyway.

CATSECRET is a member of Moolto and of Press Pass. He understands the importance of promotion and work himself as drawer and writer at RL magazines. As well as independent editor of Moolto Magazines Production's Best Famous Editions.

CATSECRET@ Magazine SL - Pussycatsecret Girls.


And check out his writings in the links mentioned above.

But be aware ! if you google on this, always check the spelling of every name of Cats you run into. The correct names of his cats is found on his website

Because he got some characters he made, but there are copycats that try to ride on his soft eroticism and use it for their own interests, so if you see a porn girl offer you her tits and ass in one site which you thought was his you are being fooled and then will know you went to a copycat site.

The line between porn and eroticism is as thin as ever when it comes to CATSECRET... It is still there.

Thanks for following me on this trip by reading this.




Press Pass Media reporter
- Senior Writer Liza Veliz





Edition Courrier sent (by) Connie Wells, 21 Nov. 2010

@ll Rights Reserved


In America, legislation has been proposed that would mean certain kinds of copyright infringement could carry a life sentence penalty. Its not quite the death sentence but it is not far off. Entitled the Intellectual Property Act 2007, the new legislation encompasses several new definitions and provisions of crimes.

These include:

Criminalising attempting to infringe copyright-on the grounds that where most laws are concerned, attempting to commit the crime is as illegal as actually committing it.

Currently, Federal Law :

Does punishes 'Not-for-profit' copyright infringement (with between one and ten years imprisonment) but the infringement must have to been proven to have taken place... This new legislation seems to remove the burden of proof. Or to make evidence unnecessary. Adding penalties for intended copyright crime-i.e. for profit copyright infringements that don't actually manage to make any profits.

Currently, it's required that the criminal(s) :

Distribute at least 10 copies within a 180 day period. Now the new bill will state that they did not have to get round to doing that in order to be punished. This again it is removing the need for evidence. Permitting more wire-tapping for piracy investigations. Also allowing computers to be seized more readily. Increasing the penalties for violating "The Digital Millennium Copyright Act." Just to round things off, the new legislation also contained increased punishments for repeat offenders, and a requirement that RIAA be notified of anyone trying to import copyright infringing material.

A USA Court has held that a domainer accrued common-law trademark rights in the domain names he owned, even though they corresponded to well-known brand names. It is a default judgment but nonetheless shines a light on a shadowy corner of the Anti-cyber squatting Consumer Protection Act (ACPA), which is used by brand owners to squash infringers and collect multi-million dollar awards. The facts of the case are nothing if not unusual: Warren Weitzman, owner of 12,000 domain names, claimed that an Indian corporation had "taken control of each of the subject domains by effectively re-titling the subject domains"

Affirming the magistrate's judgment :

The USA District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia agreed. "Defendant redirected the proceeds from plaintiff's prior work to itself by illegally preventing from assessing his domain names and thus is prohibiting users from fully benefiting and receiving the services that they seek. Thus, legal precedent dictates that plaintiff's domain names should be afforded the protection of the ACPA." If a party owns the rights to a particular trademark, that party can sue subsequent parties for trademark infringement.

Cyber space has no national borders and challenges the characteristic features of trademark rights. Trademark rights are limited territorially and the applicable law depends on each national and regional regulation. As a result, the exclusive rights attached to a registered trademark granted in a particular country cannot be enforced beyond borders of that country.

This chapter analyzes also : The application of the principle of territorially in light of the globalization of the Internet. Trademarks which previously coexisted peacefully, covering different territories, now conflict when they are used online. The expansion of the Internet has led to numerous trademark conflicts.


(At That Date Edition For France.)

There is no set codified rules - in France - dealing with online trademark infringement. However, the French courts have considered this issue and have established criteria to determine the circumstances in which use by a second party French Trademark on the Internet constitutes trademark infringement in France. The case law on this question has evolved. At first, the French courts considered that the mere visibility in French territory of a website reproducing or imitating a French Trademark gave jurisdiction to the French courts and constituted trademark infringement, no matter whether the website targeted the French public.

As this would lead to conclusion that a French Trademark could potentially prevent any use of the same or similar trademark on any websites, including foreign websites not targeted at the French public.

With that being said.

There's help, for international : trademark thief.

The International Trademark Association (INTA). They're a non-profit membership association of 5,900 trademark owners, professionals and academics, from more than 190 countries, dedicated to the support and advancement of trademarks and related intellectual property as elements of fair and effective national and international commerce.
The Association was Founded, in 1878. By 17 Famous Merchants and Manufacturers. Who saw a real need for an organization. “To protect and promote the rights of trademark owners, to secure useful legislation and to give aid and encouragement to all efforts for the advancement and observance of trademark rights.” After 130 years, now. INTA continues its mission today, to represent The Trademark Community, shape public policy. And advance professional knowledge and development.

Along with its leadership, INTA's most important asset is the talented and committed group of volunteers, who serve on its committees. To Protect Creator's Integrity.

INTA’s goal is to make the best use of these vital resources to maintain its leadership and inforce its position. To Protect USA Industry. Plus, Trademark Community.

Source : For More Information (&) Bureau Adress USA.
Copyright© 2010 By International Trademark Association, Adress 655 Third Avenue, 10th Floor, New York. NYC 10017-5617 USA.



For all of you : Fatcats !

Out there all over the globe. All I have to say to you is this.

Copyright Source : Quote western-movies (Made in USA.)


Courrier (by) Connie Wells - Corazon Seda, in Second Life.




Press Article about The XXIth Century Modern Women... soon.

(A Double Woman-Eye on Virtual Eroticism & Virtual Games.)

Exclusively in : CATSECRET@ D.L.O



Edition Original Text Article by Lacy Muircastle
Exclusivity 1st Edition in CATSECRET@ D.L.O
@ll Rights Reserved



What do women in Second Life want ?
Exactly what they want in real life ! The only difference is that with the fluidity of Second Life we can change partners and lovers at the click of a button - that in itself has to be the single most empowering element of Second Life, if only it were that simple.
Oh mark my words, I am well aware of how complicated we women can be...  I do not envy the men of Second Life for one second (pardon the pun), because we expect you to be able to read our minds in real life where at least you have some physical clues as to what is going on, but we expect you to be able to read our minds here in Second Life too, ahem, but there aren't even those RL physical clues to help you.
But really what do we women of SL want ?  There are as many answers to this question as there are women in SL I am afraid to say.  As in real life the women of Second Life range from serious minded business women to escorts and everything else in between.  But what the men of Second Life don't get is that we are not ALL here to have sex with you.  It is so irritating meeting a new person only to discover after half an hour that he has one thing on his mind and that all he is really after is free sex.  Well sorry for you cheap skates that is what our escort sisters are here for (just obviously not for free).  With the rest of us there will inevitably be strings attached. You guys need to realise that there has to be some form of perceived connection in order for us ordinary girls to want to have sex with you.  And we will get possessive, that is reality, so even if both parties agree that exclusivity is NOT an option, we women will get jealous of your other partners, it is the way we are wired.  We can try to be 'adult' about it, we can tell you that it is fine for you to see whomever you so please whenever you so please and that we will be ok with it, but actually we WON'T !  Privately and to our girlfriends we will seethe, cry and go into a spiralling depression.
We want to be special, we want to have validity in your life and we want to mean something to you.  We don't want to be used and tossed aside like yesterday's newspaper.  The problem with Second Life is that reality and fantasy do begin to blur.  I reiterate that I am generalising here.  We didn't all come to SL looking for relationships or a substitute relationship because the one we have in the real world is broken, but the fantasy of the place is infectious and inevitably we all get drawn into it at some point or other.  Inevitably we all have our hearts broken at least once.  We will feel the devastation of being lied to, replaced in your affections by someone else, being made to feel we were just not good enough.  That in turn will make the life of any future lover or partner more difficult, as he now has to climb the mountain that is distrust, he will have to try to break through barriers that get erected to protect our now fragile hearts.
The 'reality' of Second Life is that true relationships are few and far between, temptation is everywhere and the competition amongst the women of SL is tough.  We outnumber the men of Second Life and on top of that we have to remove the gay men out of the number of available men making the pool even smaller.  Therefore the straight men of Second Life can pick and choose to their hearts content.  Relationships in SL can be quite overwhelming and sometimes we can lose our way.
But we love it here in SL, otherwise we would not remain here, some of us like the role play aspect of SL, others love being able to go shopping, play house, go dancing and no matter who we are or how we live our second lives, we live in the hope that one day our very own Prince Charming will appear in our SLives, sweep us off our feet and that we will live happily ever after...


Original Text Article, End (Part 1) by Lacy Muircastle

@ll Rights Reserved - 1st. Edition April 2011



Edition Original Text Article by Connie Wells
Exclusivity 1st Edition in CATSECRET@ D.L.O
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What a Woman Wants In Second Life ?

Being an American woman who grew up in the sixties watching women burning their bras in protest demanding equal rights. A time for women to take a stand in all that they believed they so deserved. They paved the road for us women to become liberated in sex and love and to become all that we desire to be. To me Second Life has been just as liberating for me. I've been able to do the things (and) funny phantasms... that I wanted in RL but couldn't.

Second Life is actually what it says it is. A Second Life ! Another opportunity to explore and learn, enjoy, and grow. The groups for whatever interest a woman has is available at her fingertips. There are so many to choose from. In second life. Example, what I'm able to do one day.... in a single week.

SuperElite Fashion Academy.

I'm graduating with my class mates from Basic One and Two of Modeling from SuperElite Fashion Academy. Many top models in SL have come from this academy to become successful models. One of SL first models teaches her skills and experiences with fun and excitement in the classroom. SuperElite has state of the art staff who are helpful and knowledgeable in the fashion industry. If you're interested in becoming a runway model or store model, print model, it canbe found at this school. It's not called SuperElite Academy for nothing !!!!
Regent Riders.

I'm out riding with friends for a day trip along Route 66. Route66 the legendary highway reaches across the heartland of America, crossing three time zones and eight states. Riders are taken back to an era where icons landmarks and trading posts with the quirky roadside attractions. Mom & Pop motels, greasy diners, old gas stations weathered with sun and high temperatures that span an era of a much simpler life. There's about 80% of the road still in existence. These roads are where I ride along side next of my friends on our motorbike's and choppers stopping to visit the parks and recreations. Finding a out the way club to listen and dance to Blues, rock n roll, western music. Heading home at the end of the day with memories of a relaxing ride and sight seeing among friends. Regent Riders has 6 sims for bikes only for any road warrior seeking adventure and fun. Check out the CC Custom Choppers showroom garage with tricked out Bikes and Motorsycle Trikes.

2RAW,777 League Race Club.

I'm in my black Mercedes with the top down speeding at top speeds trying to break my previous lap times. 2RAW Racetracks are primarily designed for competition through speed, featuring defined start/finish lines/posts, and sometimes even defined timing points. Some sports merely measure endurance, or how long a competitor can race. With 50km 12 tracks and sim board park, aerial and boat course. Free demo cars, bikes, choppers for those who want to challenge themselves or friends at a friendly game of race and speed. This sim has much to offer anyone. There is a MALL with the latest Cars, Bikes, Karts, fashion, and furniture. Live music, Dancing, beach, Apts. for lease. So after a day of fun and laughter driving my car or my bike on the awesome tracks of 2RAW. I'm at the club dancing the night away with friends ending another spectacular day in SL.
CATSECRET@ Second Life.

I'm chilling at my home in the CATSECRET@ Private Friends Area listening to great channel music diffusing 24: open slows and soft jazzy music arranging new furniture I purchased. Modern art peintings on walls and lovely sofas. I'm chatting with friends making plans for a get together. My special person drops by for a romantic evening just the two of us.


I meet with my lover where we dance amongst the clouds in CATSECRET@ ROMANTIC PARK and enjoy small talk as we listen to great music standards of love and desire. Then suddenly he decided to take me out for a nice long ride on his bike where we explore the nearby shops : on Regent Riders. We take in a movie at a strange erotic theater : on Coyote's Bikers sim and head for home where we spend the rest of our evening together alone. Doing whatever we please...


Attending group dance listening to music being played by DJ Jump on DOMAIN OF CATSECRET : public mainland. Group members with friends laughing and having fun dancing. Dancing on clouds under the stars. In The Castle... or private islands (adults only.) Many locations to go to get away for romantic moments and still be close to the action going on. But... that's just a part of DOMAIN of CATSECRET !

I have to explore now. All the faces. And all the magic secret parts. Of the second sim. CATSECRET 0h Train. And eventually meet... the mysterious : Ophelie Marquis.


In 3rd sim... CATSECRET The Door.
Ride my newest motor bike on the invisible CATSECRET@ BIKERS-TRACK (track-levels only reserved for the group I joined) meeting up with friends and have a great time laughing when almost colliding into one another. We later decide to go target shooting of zombies and monster spiders, and other mysterious creatures. Laughing when we mistakenly hit one another. Head home and fall into bed fast asleep from a fun packed week of Second Life. There's more than what I've told you. That awaits for any woman who wants to enjoy life and meet people and make friends.

Second Life is a world where anything is possible for any woman. She can be, and do whatever, she pleases ! Enjoy, it. For myself I know. I am... and I will.


Original Text Article, End (Part 1) by Connie Wells

@ll Rights Reserved - Corazon Seda 1st. Edition April 2011




PART 2... watch for it !

Exclusively in : CATSECRET@ D.L.O



Edition Original Text Article by Lacy Muircastle
Exclusivity 1st Edition in CATSECRET@ D.L.O
@ll Rights Reserved



But, Second Life also offers the opportunity for experimentation and for indulging our fantasies and deep seated erotic passions. Then there is also the fact that many men seem to want their women to literally be a lady in public and a slut in the 'bedroom' to consider. So what is a girl to do?
We explore our erotic side that is what we do... Eroticism (from the Greek, eros-"desire") is a philosophical contemplation with a focus on the aesthetics of sexual desire, sensuality and romantic love : 'the very word "erotic" implies superior value, fine art, an aesthetic which elevates the mind and incidentally stimulates the body unlike sensuality, which concentrates on the pleasures of the senses, Eroticism is concerned with heightening those pleasures, and may involve a delay in sexual gratification to intensify the satisfaction level by extending the period of yearning desire.

Eroticism is conceived as sensual or romantic love or the human sex drive (libido) and is personified in Eros, the Greek god of love : "erotic" 'is an epithet which is applied to everything with a connection to the love of the sexes; one employs it particularly to characterize... dissoluteness, an excess' (Wikipedia.)

I will admit that what is erotic for one is by no means erotic for another. For some the life of BDSM is what does it for them, personally it is not for me. There are many places in SL that facilitate the BDSM lifestyle to varying degrees. One such place is THE DOMAIN OF CATSECRET  consisting in the 3 sims for adults : Domain of Catsecret, Catsecret 0h Train, Catsecret The Door. This is a multi faceted SIM on which you can indulge in your BDSM fantasies (if you can unlock the secret places : that's the deal or the purpose by CATSECRET.) But the bdsm games are just : a part. There are a lot of romantic and lovely other levels and spots for lovers.  You can role play to your heart's content, fighting off demonic looking creatures or practice your marksmanship skills, or you can get your motorbike out, kick it into life and let the growl of the engine and the wind in your hair release you from your worldly tensions. But keep this important information in mind : The Domain of Catsecret, is for members (Adults, only.)

Those of us, who are more into aesthetics which elevate the mind and stimulate the body, are not ignored on this SIM either. There are beautiful areas that concentrate on the pleasures of the senses, particularly those of sound and sight. True eroticism in SL is as much a role play experience as is BDSM. Let me take you through a scenario - An experiment in sexual perceptions... for your eyes, only.


(Feedback is appreciated : Fiction, for Adults, only.)
With a partner, we TP into : DOMAIN of CATSECRET.

"Come dance with me on the clouds" he whispered quietly. And there floating above us - The Castle Area - is an ethereal dance floor in the clouds. The music being played is so sensual that it is not long before we feel completely relaxed and definitely : 'in the mood'.

There is the magnificent castle not far off which was undoubtedly beckoning us. Moving off to the castle we walked up the imposing stairs and through the giant door. Peeking through the castle we could see that it was the perfect setting for some 'romance'.

In a discret corner we noticed a part called : secret chamber. And we TP, in. There, is a strange big black bed. All, in black satin.

Pulling me close to him, he brushed my hair from my shoulder and a couple of stray strands from my face. His hand carelessly brushed over my breasts which had an immediate and visible result with my nipples being more erect than I had ever experienced before. Wearing a tight tank top made the curve of my breasts oh so fully on display and left very little to the imagination. He sensually whispered closely in my ear "Oh baby I have to tell you that my cock is fully erect with the thoughts of biting your nipples through that red silk while ramming my painfully hard cock into your hot, tight pussy. I have this urgent need to hear you grunt as I ram into you, your thighs parted wide for me, you pushing up on your feet, your hips bucking madly taking more of me, your pussy clamping around me... can you feel it ?" - "Oh hell," I groaned.

"Mmmmmmm..." muttering. - "Oh, f*** yes !" under his breath. I rolled onto the bed and he stood watching as I lay there full on my stomach, my ass was a little exposed. I know what was going through his mind as he told me on previous occasions that he loves to slide his fingers over the crack, spreading my ass cheeks and sliding the head of his cock along it, he knows that it makes me shiver under him as he continues lovely circling his head around my hole, squirting warm oil over me and his cock before he lays claim to my ass, sliding it into my tight hole, feeling my muscles envelop him resisting, he knows what follows is a low moan as his head enters me : "oh yes".

By now I know that his pants are beginning to feel like a cage and he unbuttons them sliding them off as he walked towards me. He rolled me over and I continued to lay there invitingly on the bed. A soft moan escaped my lips, my hips slowly move as his hand reached lower. He watched as my legs parted and I bit my lower lip as his fingers found my pussy. I caught my breath and moan his name. My hand reached up to take hold of his cock, and he can't help but to moan with me, a long moan as my hand starts stroking, massaging the pre-cum into his rock hard member. "Oooh yes... I want you." he whispered hoarsely.
Ok, stop there. So now you get the picture now don't you ? much emoting is required obviously, but the sexual desire is clear and pleasure is certainly heightened and in my opinion a whole lot more enjoyable than being cuffed to some wooden cross like contraption and being made to submit to the will of another. But hey, it is variety that apparently is the spice of life !

And so these are the things us girls in Second Life will do : in pursuit of our Prince Charming.


Original Text Article, End (Part 2) by Lacy Muircastle

@ll Rights Reserved - 1st. Edition April 2011.




Edition Original Text Article by Connie Wells
Exclusivity 1st Edition in CATSECRET@ D.L.O
@ll Rights Reserved




(Press Article For Adults : Matures, Only.)

SECOND LIFE (or) The Virtual Worlds.

The word "Virtual" meaning; existing or resulting in effect though not in actual fact. With the word "Pleasure" meaning; A feeling of enjoyment or satisfaction. Something that gives enjoyment. One's choice, wish, or preference. (Dictionnary, dixit.)

Brings me to what I and thousands of other women who seek Second Life (SL) to escape from the mundane Real World (RL). Growing up as a young girl - coming from a strict Catholic upbringing my mother and my open minded father. I was torn from wanting to be that good girl and being a naughty girl thinking I had to be one or the other and not both ? Or I had thought that until I grew into a young woman whose inner desires crept outward and wanted to be explored. It was drilled into my subconscious mind by my mother who hated sex and would not tolerate me asking her any questions. Telling me that "SEX" was bad, dirty and wasn't allowed to be talked about or to engage in !
Now that I'm an older woman still in my prime I know I can have both ways of life. What's wrong with expressing myself and how I feel naturally ? A friend I know introduced me to Second Life. We had met in another popular online game. Everyone was raving how great it was to interact in the game as almost as being in Real Life. Except it being online a virtual world where people from all around the world can log in and in minutes be in a fantasy world of their choice.

I've been playing in Second Life for almost two years. I've met many many people who like me looking for fun excitement and pleasure. As I was stating earlier about being a good girl verses a bad girl is where SL comes into play for me. Virtual Pleasure at a keystroke, has been a liberating and a tremendous growth of awareness of my inner deepest dark secrets. Women especially feel more at ease while letting their guard down and relinquishing themselves to games of sexual nature that can be played within the game. The choices and options are relentless for us women.

Second Life has thousands of members who go to great length to design and build and create sex toys of all kinds : for adults fun. There are toys made for single, couples, threesome, foursomes, Straight, Lesbian, or Bisexual preferences. The toys are built into items such as beds, sofas, chairs, tables, the list goes on and on. With members having to provide : age verification. To go into areas of where only adults can interact lessened any fear of being caught in private moments. Course there are adult people who prefer to watch others which we call pepping toms. If they are adults and wish to watch so be it. Not everyone feels comfortable having an audience while making love to their partner or partners which ever you prefer. There are places to go to be alone to enjoy the fun and games : only just for romanticism or only for adults fantasy.
I have to say since being in the game, I've grown a lot from being shy and reserved to opposite. I found my eroticism with in me ! Something I thought I didn't have ? I've satisfied my sexual needs in RL while watching the character who I created and dress up for just sensual erotic moments or having sexual encounters, making love and laughing and having fun. I'm still learning more about myself and will continue to explore and be adventurous : in the endless worlds... of SL.

There are a lot of very really nice. And very great places for games. And For Adult Fantasy, in Second Life. But one of the best of them... No doubt, is the Mysterious.

Romantical, and also... so lovely.


(3 Adult sims. For Mature, Only.)




A SUIVRE... in

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(Great Literary Quotes About Corruption.)
The XXIth. Modern Criminality, New Faces.

In the face of evil is itself evil.
God will not hold us guiltless.
But not to speak. Is to speak.
And not to act. Is also to act.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer (1906-1945.)
"In The Memory of The 11 Attack Victims."
(Tikvah Island - Memory Center Citations.)
At SL Jewish Congress.


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(Greatest Literary Quotes About Corruption.)

Il faut résister à la corruption
Non seulement... avant de la contempler.
Mais même avant de savoir ce que c'est.

William Faulkner (1897-1962.)
In : "Requiem pour une nonne."
Prix Nobel 1950.


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(The Greatest Quotations About Corruption.)


Stéphane Hessel (1917-2013.)
"Indignez-vous !" Ed. Indigène, 2010.


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(Greatest Literary Quotes About Corruption.)

Le seul être, qui tire profit du capitalisme, c'est l'escroc.
Et ce type-là devient millionnaire... en un rien de temps.

John Dos Passos (1896-1970.)
In: "42° Parallèle." USA, XX° siècle.


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(Great Citations : Hold, one's ground.)

Ne changez pas...
De cheval au milieu de la rivière.

The President of USA.
Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865.)
Discours 1864. USA, XIX° siècle.

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Le Monde se maintient par trois choses :
Par la vérité, par la justice, et par la concorde.
Toutes, ne sont qu'une seule et même chose.

Le Talmud, Vème siècle.

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