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WHAT WOMEN WANT (in) SL : Part 2.

Edition Original Text Article by Connie Wells - Corazon Seda.

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THE NEW WOMEN TOYS in, The XXIth Century Industry.
The sex industry today is a multi-million industry in which women have within their reach a multitude of choices to choose from. There are vibrators (galore of different colors, sizes and types). Dildo's, Butt plugs (ranging from beginners to advance types and sizes). Bondage toys such as restraints, blind folds, cuffs, whips, chains, etc. Door jam sex slings, the list goes on and on... lol. There are toys, also : for single, couples, twosome, threesome, foursomes and sixsome's. Sex books on illustrations on all kinds of positions. Porn on DVD's... and certainly much more funny inventions for adult games, in future. The list goes on forever.

It's a fact, women need to explore themselves endless. And with the help of any one of the devices I've mentioned can only heighten them to greater climaxes. Speaking from my own experience I found watching porn helped me become stimulated and aroused to such high levels of orgasiums that were out of this world. Visual and physical stimulation work together to heighten arousal and to climax with extreme excitement releasing tension within. A commonplace example for a woman is the use of a powerful shower head with the pounding sensation of the water bouncing against the clit leads to orgasium. I've found that a very usual tool where I can take my shower and at the same time get my sexual needs met !

Personally, I recently found a vibrator online in which it's shaped as a Red apple called : The "Forbidden Fruit". (Name Product.) Description is following.

"The sleek apple shape is as elegant and discreet as it is functional; hold any part of the rechargeable vibe's surface against your clit, labia, perineum, or balls... you can't miss! You'll vary the speed and patterns with the innovative controls (located in the apple's stem), which also give you the option of pulsations or wave patterns. Finally, the charging case includes adapters for use in the UK, Europe, and Australia; the vibe itself locks for travel, so there's no chance of it turning on in your suitcase. Go ahead: take a bite of pleasure." (Erm, You can be sure I'll be ordering that one just for testing it. Just only, by feminine curiosity. Just only for myself. Only to verify : the validity, or not. And the results. Scientifically speaking. What else, duh.)

Women uses virtual pleasure to satisfy their wants and needs and desires. She's looking for something different and the thrill of meeting and experiencing a sexual moment with a complete stranger where in RL has restrictions and dangers. We all know the dangers of RL where a woman is sought as a piece of meet a one night stand and possibly a victim of foul play or victim of contacting life or deadly diseases. Virtual pleasures removes all of that and leaves the door open for non-contact and no possible rejections. She has the option of deciding if she wants to risk perhaps meeting someone she met online. It's a freedom of being anonymous. People have met and have had serious relationships from meeting others online. It's just a way of testing the waters sort of speak. The choice is up to the individuals whether they want to meet one another or not ? She has the power to stay or leave and to say what she feels is best : for her own interest.

SECOND LIFE (for) ADULTS : The Adult sims.

An Adult Fantasy, in The Domain of Catsecret.
A sexual virtual pleasure moment in SL is one of a romantic summer midnight meeting in a lovers park where the moon and stars shine softly above. There is a referent place for this Adult Romantic & Erotic Fantasy game, now in SL : THE DOMAIN OF CATSECRET.

There's soft music whispering all a round in a world where there is no one but you : with your secret partner. Upon seeing that special someone who causes your heart to skip a beat each time. You begin to tremble and shake inside with sweet anticipation of feeling his touch against your body as you join hands without saying a word looking into each other eyes. Just intense gaze with gentle smiles as you take each others hand as he gently pulls you into his arms and wraps you in his embrace : so sweet and so sexy. 

You feel him softly breathing on your neck as he is behind you swaying gently. You reach behind you for him and softly moan as you close your eyes and breathe in the slight scent of his skin. He's kissing you softly now on your neck... as you melt in his arms. You feel your nipples become hard underneath the material of your dress. Your pussy quivers and you feel between your inner thighs become wet and moist. Gently he turns you around and kisses you deep and long, arggg. Your arms wrap around his shoulders and definitively you press lovely your body up against his. You can feel his hardness inside his jeans grow as he presses your body next to his. His hands move down to the nape of your back and he pulls you suddenly even tighter in his embrace. Now, you stop your dancing as you continue to kiss together. You're now drunk with the deep desire of his kiss and he stops to gaze into your eyes. He quietly asks you to follow him where he leads you to a lovely and peaceful waterfall. There, he reaches gently for your hand and slowly takes you next to the small pool of water where you quickly kick off your shoes. He leads you inside and under the waterfall where you kiss passionately. He slowly undoes the back of your dress, arggg. The little dress falls to the ground around your feet as you step out of it. And now you slowly take his zipper of his jeans and unzip it and he kicks them aside. He removes his shirt and stands there with only his briefs as you slowly slide them down to his feet and he steps out of them. He grabs you to his body and holds you tightly as you kiss again and again. You can feel now his one hand reach down to undo your bra and let it fall where it lands. Wow, your breasts are now free and loose and the nipples are hard with desire and ache to be touched and sucked. They softly brush his bare chest as he bends down to softly kiss your neck and slowly moves down your throat and on to your pulsing and erect hard little nipples, yummy. He cups one in his hand and you lose your breathe slightly, as he you jerk softly at his grasp and he begins to run his tongue around the hard areolas. Now, you close your eyes and moan deeply with passion and desire. You take your one hand again and reach down to gently grasp his hard shaft. Moving your hand freely up and down his hard shaft. He picks you up in his arms and holds you tightly to his body as he carries you inside the waterfall... where there is a secret chamber and inside where a bed awaits you, omggg.

He gently lays you down and he lays between your legs to part them open. Now, you can't help it ! you're moaning deeply as you reach down with your hands to gently run your fingers thru his hair. Pushing his head and his lovely tongue closer to your so wet pussy. Laying there and moaning more and more deeply as you wait for the final touch and contact of his tongue on the lips of your pussy and the flicks of his tongue on your clit. You take one free hand and begin to rub your nipples wildly as you suddenly cum with his mouth flickering all over your pussy. Your two bodies now slightly sweaty from the heat and deep desire you're feeling inside. He makes his way back up to your mouth lips as you kiss and you can taste your own pussy juicy perfume on his lips. Arggg, and now he slowly slides his hard shaft so lovely and perfect and deep inside your pussy as you squirm slightly under him as he is moving in and out : with deep and hard and slow thrusts. You can't stop it, now ! and you arch your back as you take all of his hard shaft inside. Looking downward as you watch him slide in and out. And then with a deep moan look at him with a lovely smile.

Hearing him moan excites you now, even more as you kiss as he is sliding in and out of your so swollen and quivering pussy - now a bit faster and faster and harder. Your breasts crushed from under his body and your trembling legs wrapped around his waist as he pumps your definitively soaked pussy harder and faster. And suddenly, you feel your body is shaking all over and your pussy quiver with the sensations of his hard shaft still sliding - in and out faster and faster now as you both cum together in a long and hard moaning. He flips you now over and gently inserts his hard shaft in your secret little door and you moan as you're pressed down underneath him pumping long and deep and hard. You reach between your inner thighs to feel him sliding in and out as you both cum again : good and so hard. There's cum all over you floatting all around the room and the bed as you continue to make love thru out the night... until the early morning hours. Then you stop to lay together in each other arms and fall asleep.

Now, you're just waiting for to awake later. And start all over again for another session of sweet love making. In a lovely secret room of or in the magic waterfall under the stars. With the lovely water splashing sounds and the romantic music over and all around you. You stop to lay together on the bed and sleep. Now it's time to get up and dress to part as the sun has already rose for the day. You have now to say each other your so sweet goodbye. Making plans to meet again for another : "rendez-vous."

Ok, now boys you know what is just an example of a virtual pleasure for us girls ! don't you ? (And now for some of us girls. Since this is about virtual pleasure I thought that a short history of the vibrator was appropriate. Below is a brief explanation of the beginnings and the most recent of the vibrator which I found very interesting and thought maybe some of you would to ?)


(The Woman : Vibrator History. Edition For Girls, Only.)

In 1869 the first vibrator was invented by a physician named George Taylor. It was used primarily in the spa and doctor's offices, as it was large and difficult to move around. It was powered by steam and was considered a massager. This was recommended to help women with hysteria and neurasthenia. At the end of the 19th century vibrators were put in regular use after doctors grew tired of using their hands to treat their patients. Hysteria was diagonised generally for symptoms of depression to aggression to muscle aches. The doctors utilized vulvular massage to treat hysteria. It was considered just massaging nothing sexual as a traditional treatment for common ailment. Women were prescribed weekly treatments, and sometimes had to be massaged for hours before reaching what was called paroxysm (spasm or fit that represented the end of treatment).

1902, Hamilton Beach began making the first in home use of vibrators. The hand held vibrators were the fifth electrical appliance to make it in the home before standard kitchen devices. Ads became popular in the 1910 and 20's in respectable women's magazines. Claiming promises of youthful glow and calmer demeanor. In 1980's vibrators became more mainstream with the AIDSepedemic became wide spread. Since 1998, vibrators have jumped leaps and bounds in quality and quanity of wide spectrum of choices from. Now the latest is a vibrator called IhMiBOD that can sync with your IPOD of other smart device that shakes to the rhythm of your favorite tunes.

Now I want one of those for myself ! I know, maybe I am a bad girl ? Maybe, yes. But surely not the only one. Nobody's... perfect.

"Good girls go to Heaven. Bad girls... go everywhere ! "

- Mae West.



End of Article (by) Connie Wells - Corazon Seda, in Second Life

@ll Rights Reserved - 1st. Edition April 2011.




Edition Original Text Article by Lacy Muircastle
Exclusivity 1st Edition in CATSECRET@ D.L.O
@ll Rights Reserved



CATSECRET The Original@ne
The Domain of CATSECRET (in) Second Life.

Come with me... For a journey of exploration : and Visiting.

The 3 Adult Magic sims that are building up in Second Life.



(For Adults : Only.)

My boyfriend and I tp'd into CATSECRET The Original@ne and strolled across the green rolling lawns of the sim down to the little train station we had spotted in the distance.  We rezzed a little train maintenance (free-rezz for visitors) and took a gentle train ride all around the sim, taking in the beauty of the place and enjoying seeing what there is to see.  We had spotted what looked like The Dog's Haunted House situated next to a couple of shops and so on returning to the station we decided that would be a next port of call.

It is an experience I am not going to forget anytime soon and here is how it played out ! Short story, resume. (Facts and events, following.)

We walked into the front yard and were greeted by snarling dogs snapping at our heels. Undeterred we proceeded into the spooky looking house only to be met by more unfriendly zombies whose mission is to attack you.  But we were determined to see all the house had to offer. If you are the exploring type, you need to come and see it for yourself, but make sure you do not come... alone. (Catsecret Redaction : Notice. Pertinent Note. You could just miss something. Or a detail eventually important, let's say.)

The creaky wooden staircase was uneven and I walked up it slowly.  Josh was behind me taking just as much care, until he noticed the way my bottom pushed as I climbed the stairs. He caught up with me and from below and behind I ran his hand up the inside of my thigh and then over my cheeks as I took another step upwards, before halting and looking back over my shoulder at him. He grinned and ran his hand slowly all the way up my thigh, cupping my pussy in his hand before I squeezed his hand between my legs and grinned back at him. He could feel my warmth in his hand, such a contrast to the cool stone of the old house wall he was touching with his other hand. With a final squeeze of my legs around him, I gave a little moan and then moved further up the staircase.

He wanted me again...hadn't stopped wanting me in truth; he had just been distracted by our surroundings. But it was late in the afternoon and though there'd been quite a few people about when we arrived they were beginning to leave. I stepped into an alcove just off the stairs, looking through the window at the countryside, he stepped in behind me, wrapped his arms around my body and we shared a slow deep kiss, then another as I turned towards him, my arms around his neck. I could feel his arousal and I wriggled against him, against it, before slowly running a hand over the bulge in his pants as we shared a third, long kiss. He didn't need to ask if I was feeling the same way he was, he could see it in the shine in my eyes, hear it in my breathing as our kiss finally ended.

Having located a room off the rickety landing we needed no words as we stepped inside, another kiss became a slow exploration of each other, his hands running through my hair, down my back, over my cheeks as mine went down his sides, inside his shirt, then slipped inside his pants. He groaned as my cool hand grasped his warm stiff cock and started to run up and down his shaft, then  he felt my other hand loosen his belt, unbutton his trousers and then he looked into my hungry eyes as I slid down his body and slowly released and then kissed his cock. I kept looking at him as I ran my tongue round his helmet, only breaking the eye contact as I lowered my mouth over his throbbing swollen erection, taking him deep in my mouth, one hand at the base of his cock as the other massaged his balls. He groaned; shut his eyes to focus on the intense and wonderful feeling of my mouth around him, my hands on him, then a noise from the bottom of the staircase distracted us both. Was someone coming up ? We stayed still for a moment before hearing footsteps moving away...

That was enough reason for us to kiss again with renewed passion and ferocious urgency. He could taste his cock on my mouth as his hands pulled my clothing away from the curves of my body, his hand reaching between my legs, my pussy now so wet. He pulled me towards him as he kissed me again as his fingers found my clit and started to circle it, then stroke it, then rub it firmly, looking in to my eyes all the while as he did, pulling me against him, kissing me...then my breathing changed. He couldn't, wouldn't, mustn't stop...then with a low moan I came, came hard, my body convulsing against him. It was as much as he could do to hold me up as his fingers continued to rub until finally I pushed them away, grabbed his cock, bent over in front of the window and guided him into me from behind. He held my hips and pushed deep inside my hot wet pussy, holding my shoulders he pulled me back on to him, before starting to make love to me slowly, slapping up against me, I started to slap back against him as I leant against the window, my need to be made love to, the passion with which I was taking him despite him being behind me surprised him, delighted him. In the end he stopped moving and held my hips as I made love to him, slapping back hard against him, squeezing him with my pussy, until he could hold on no longer, he grabbed my shoulders and thrust up deep inside of me, taking me so deep and hard that he was almost lifting me off my feet until finally he came, came hard and deep within me, tour breathing coming in great gulps and gasps as waves of orgasm washed over us.

We stayed there for who knows ? how long, not moving, not speaking. Eventually we parted and he took me in his arms again for slow sensual kisses, before we slowly got dressed. Sight.

Now it is your turn to pay the "Dog's Haunted House" on The Domain of CATSECRET sim a visit - who knows. Now, by yourself. What you will find there ?

The Famous (&) Legendary CATSECRET 0h Train is just there. Waiting only for your visit.

But remember. Don't go there just... alone !







From time to time eventually, some well-known phenomenon called faries in SL, can appear on your k-board. Editing, strange illogic type. On your screen. Like : Omggg. Woo-Woo. Woopie. Yeahhh. Arggg. Huhu. Duh. Yummee. Yum-Yum. Dam. Fruck. Geronimo. Crash, sorry. Couldn't relog. My connexion abruptly collapsed. Sorry for disconnect. Can we try again, please ? Don't panic. It's normal. If you trust your partner in game. Absolutely not. For the Biggest Game, on-line, in the World. Target of all the best hackers. So again, if you're sure of your partner. Means if you're sure, your partner says the truth, and is not fooling you. Please, note. Eventually, for skepticals. Second Life is a serious game. Respect faries. Respect, and trust, your partners. Just, never forget that. Or chances are, a day maybe, you can be selected. To be one of the (possible) clients. To play, by yourself. A puppet role. In a not so-funny game. Thanks for your reading.



Edition Original Text Article, End (by) Lacy Muircastle.
@ll Rights Reserved - 1st. Edition April 2011.




Edition Original Text Article by Connie Wells - Corazon Seda.
Exclusivity For 1st. Edition & Print in CATSECRET@ D.L.O
@ll Rights Reserved



BORN OF A NEW (virtual) WOMAN.

The saying : “He who dies with the most toys wins”, whichever it is it’s all the same, in love and war in the game... of life or SL.

The difference between men and boys is maybe the price of their toys ! Whether it’s fast cars, kick-ass guns, hottest bikes, latest gadgets, or amount of women they seek to conquer and win and control them. That is... what you Boys you think and that you do but do you, really ?
We women most probably know much better what we want from you boys and your toys. Yes, we like naughty boy toys, and yes we like fast cars, bikes, hot guns, etc... but surely much more better the fashion and the greatest and latest sexual toys that we can use to play and explore our most hidden inhibitions : and trap you. Our bodies in RL and SL become the most ultimate sensual sexual tool we can use to entice and lure into sexual web of entrapment with our most inner natural feminism ! Want to learn more ? Okay, follow me... you girls 1st.
“GIRL, YOU’LL BE A WOMAN SOON” (Song by Neil Diamond.)

Today, I am a noob... again. It's my 1st day in SL. I’m sitting at my laptop in my bedroom as I enter for the first time into a virtual world game. Famous worldwide well known as : Second Life. It’s an early 1st summer morning with the sunshine filtering in on me. I feel the soft breeze of warm cool air lightly caressing my body as I close my eyes to breathe in the quiet solitude of this moment. I am very excited. What is expecting me ? Who will I choose to be ? What will I discover ? For now, in the background I hear a song softly whispering from the speakers of my radio of a song from the Sixties.... It’s Neil Diamond singing these simple words “Girl, you’ll be a woman soon.”

Here we are, I’m inside the game again like for the very 1st time, and the world is my oyster ! I’m just a Plain Jane sort of speak (known as Noob). I only have a basic body shape and hair eyes, clothes. I’m like that girl from the song by Neil Diamond. I’m a young girl but soon I’ll be a woman and soon for sure I’ll need a man. (I must turn to my diary to plan my strategy for all that’s fair in love and war to capture and hold as prisoners my future lovely preys... and male victims ! Yes, maybe I am a bad girl. But be sure boys...  I am certainly not the only one. We girls we do like to play with that.) 

(Day : 1, 2.)

First, if I’m to conquer the male species and take over his senses and render them defenseless by using nothing but my feminine charms, I must begin with a body and shape with skin of a Sex Goddess, Siren.

Women love to shop and today I visited many shops seeking that right Skin, shapes. Selecting the many options of make-up, eyes were nearly impossible ! To avoid being unprepared and be caught off guard I choose my weapons carefully. It’s always a good idea to think ahead and plan so I bought every kind of shapes and skin types that I couldn’t pass up ! (I like having choices of whether I wanted skin with pubic hair or without. We girls know we need to think of everything! So I’ve added a few names of shops and owners who sell the best that’s available in Second Life.)

*Unique Store*-skins, shapes, with make-up, and eyes, hair, clothes, complete avatar. (Owner : Iarita Beck.) *Body Doubles Shapes*-Celebrity Looks. (Owner : Rentasha Michigan.) Please Note: Shapes and skins do not come with our female genital organs. To complete your plan for attracting and attacking the prey into your web of control you must acquire a pussy that looks and reacts as a RL pussy. There are many shops to choose from but the one I prefer is *Midnight Lotus*. We’re all are different so use your weapons that you feel works for you. *Midnight Lotus* Pussy sculpted and realistic looking. (Owner : Hasuko Kuramoto.) *Jaqueline Beaumont Island* (owner : Jaqueline Beaumont.) For More. Visit, and explore. SL by yourselves.
(Day : 3, 4.)

Hey, Girls ! Just keep in mind this another old' saying : ”Rome wasn’t built over night!” Neither should you have to rush to perfection when it comes to the best plan for your attacks ! So, takes time to shop and find that right look or looks! We women always like to change our clothes and redo our hair styles trying out the newest fads and trends. That’s our forever and eternal prerogative ! By my side, I’m no longer looking like that young awkward girl starting her way in the world of SL.

Now, I’ve become a woman. A siren sort of whose Aphrodite body shape (sort of ultimate top-model) is sexy and sensual with skin that glistens with all the feminine charms of a woman. I’ve got a great body and shape, really I do ! But I need more arsenals in my repertoire of ammunition. Believe me there’s not enough time or room to add all of the shops I’ve visited. For help you girls, below are just a few of shops I visited for hair and clothes. For anytime of the day, or whatever moods, I feel like exploring. For Hair : *VIXEN Hair* (Owner : Verkal Vargas.) *Sweet HAIRs* (Owner : michelle Oyen.) For lovely lingerie : *ANGEL DESSOUS* Lingerie (Owners : Gina Beaumont, Nando Korobase.) *UTOPIA* Evening ballroom gowns (Owner/Creator : saby Clary.) That, for all of you. Good little girls.

For Bad Girls : *Sassy's Bad Day*! XTC! (The Teacher's Pet School-Girl clothes, that can interact, with your consent to partner that can be torn off. Owner : BettyBoop String.) *V-TWINS BIKER OUTFITS* Biker clothing (Owner of V-Twins Biker Outfits With Amigo Uriza.)

(Day : 5, 6 .)

Ok, Girls ! Let's resume : the situation. I’ve acquired quite a stocked pile of sexual ammunition thus far to ensure my strategic plan of action ! But there is however still a few weapons I’m missing ! In order to complete my arsenal I need the best of the best. The ultimate feminine weapon sort of speaking.

(Please Note, Again : This following list-choice of toys is only for bad girls. Very-Very Bad Girls. And yes. Again, no doubt. Eventually. A bunch of you girls, I know. Just by curiosity. Can be particurarly interested.)

Pack n°1, *Collars and Cuffs*: Worn to be controlled, while being subdue and entrapped, in their unknowingly demise. Please note, can be detached : rapidly. *Cuffs&Stuff*/*C&S*Bondage Equipment./*KL* BDSM Store Bondage Furnitures* : Romantic Lover Sex Beds. To be hold as hostage in bed, and to render them nuts, can be also detached : quickly. Vibrators-Tools *Bullet&Proof* (Tool, for defense. Once potential enemy targeted experiences this sharp and sure target partner-defender it’s all over but the crying !) Traps for potential defense *Xcite!* Main store.*KlimaxXx&[NeverMore]*Functional, Alternate, Erotic. Pack n°2, Animation’s Huds : Bonus you can load for pleasure, including facial poses utilities already loaded for charming, with animation’s and gestures and sounds (RL sounds of women in various moods.) Exciting feminine movements, with facial expressions included, spankings, etc. Realistic : *X-CLUSIVES* Animations*SEmotionStudio*. For dancing AO-HUDS-DANCES-POSES. Pack n°3, For add a touch of realism : imprevisible, the visual of seeing cum worn on various parts on the female body, depicting RL. (Note : Using also for potential defense. Adds benefit to the eyes of your beholder, who becomes blind, to the final outcome.) Depends your mood and the situation. But be sure girls, quite appreciated, in the urgent cases : necessity.  *Jaquelines Sex Shop Cyaboz* *Jaqueline Beaumont Island*.

(Day, 7.)

Check ok. Done. I am a new woman, again.

I’ve spent days and hours planning and building my arsenal of ammunition to seek and conquer my sexual gratification from my vulnerable unaware victims of the power they no longer possess once in the cages of my sensual erotic Aphrodite siren allure. Put in another short : word. I am quite perfect to enter the arena. Lol. Now I’m ready ! Well, I do hope so... Again.

Private Bonus : just for you, girls. Here are a few lovely places where battle can begin in the endless game of love and war in SL. *Allen’s Seaside Blues Club* *Blackhearts Café* *NYC Shhh!!Night Club* *Regent Riders*. And also, just for elegance, some more. There, The Magical... *Domain of Catsecret.*
Now, let's go girls.

Enjoy and have fun. But ever remember that !




"Nobody will ever win, the battle of the sexes.
There's too much fraternizing with the enemy."

-Henry Kissinger.



End of Article (by) Connie Wells - Corazon Seda in Second Life
@ll Rights Reserved - 1st. Edition July 2011.




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Commentaires (12)

1. djbook 13/09/2011

(The First Greatest Women Literary Quotes.)

Ces plaisirs
Qu'on nomme, à la légère, physiques.

Ces Plaisirs... (by) Colette.
Edition Le Livre Moderne Illustré, 1934.


2. djbook 13/09/2011

(The First Greatest Women Literary Voices.)

"L'unique différence, en somme, entre l'art qui se reconnaît érotique et l'art qui se défend de l'être est la franchise. Cela doit suffire, si ce monde est régi par le bien, pour faire de l'un une vertu et de l'autre une perversion. Tout autre jugement ne saurait être, puisque notre espèce est morale, que l'effet d'un égarement passager."

EMMANUELLE, tome 4 (by) E. Arsan
(L'hypothèse d'Eros) Ed. 10/18, 1974.


3. djbook 13/09/2011

(The Virtual Pleasures & The 3D GamePlay.)

Congrats to :
Miss Corazon Seda (&) Miss Lacy M.
"A Double-Woman Eye about New Erotism."
Exclusive 1st Edit. in CATSECRET@ D.L.O


4. corazonseda 19/09/2011

Well thank you for your kind words Djbook !
I'm pleased you enjoyed my writings as well as Lacey's.

Corazon Seda

5. djbook 21/09/2011

Just... a fact !
(Good paper.)


6. lacytree (site web) 17/10/2012

Ok so I have given Cat a few grey hairs...
but I finally got it right and have managed to log in !!!

Thank you Corazon for including me, I sincerely appreciate it.
Lacy M.

7. djbook 17/10/2012

Hello, Miss Lacy Muircastle.
(Thanks for the opportunity.)

But no worry.

For Master CAT, single case.

Mr.CAT also, makes jealous.

Grey, is the right word... here.

50 Shades of Grey looks like (one more time) at only one of the (endless) pale copycat. Another : Lollipop. And counterfeits of CATSECRET The Original@ne

Poor little mom-porn girl, duh.
(Really not The Magic & The Elegance... Inimitables.)
Of Ophelie (&) Master CAT. The Original Erotic Story.
In The Famous : 0h TRAIN@ Tales.

Good Idea : For The 0hCAT@ Tales.
The Adventures of Mr.CAT (Alias) Mr. Catthingame.
The 0h-Erotic Black Cat Detective & Exciting Stories.
Also facing, a criminal copycats, and trolling industry.
(To who this serial-forgery profits : is... the question.)

Today, the price to pay. For all great mark. Let's say.

To be continued.


8. corazonseda 22/10/2012

Lacy you're very welcome!

Corazon Seda
Pussycatsecret Girl@

9. djbook 18/08/2013

(The Greatest Quotations About Corruption.)

To trap :
Al Capone look for Frank Nitti, 1st.

Eliot Ness, foundator of "The Untouchables."
Dir. : Cleveland Police, Ohio. (1935-1942, USA.)


10. djbook 18/08/2013

(The Greatest Quotations About Corruption.)

Eliot Ness : Dangerous.

Secret Note, signed by J.Edgar Hoover.
Dir. : Ex Big-Chief F.B.I (1924-1972, USA.)


11. djbook 04/11/2013

(Greatest Quotes in History about Corruption.)

Peu d'hommes...
Si vertueux soient-ils résistent au plus offrant.

The 1st. President of USA.
George Washington (1732-1799.)
Lettre, Extrait. USA XVIIIème siècle.

12. djbook 17/04/2014


La complaisance fait des amis.
La franchise engendre la haine.

Térence, Monde Latin II° s. av. J-C.

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